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comprising earlier close helmet with rounded one-piece skull rising to a low, boldly roped medial comb surmounted at its apex by a detachable tubular plume-holder with moulded, fluted and incised ornament, associated "sparrow's-beak" visor and bevor attached by common brass-headed pivots (replaced), each element secured at its right by a spring-catch, the visor with stepped, centrally-divided vision-slit, circular and rectangular ventilation-holes and projecting lifting-peg (replaced), and three gorget-plates front and rear (replaced), collar of one plate (originally more) front and rear, heavy breastplate of "peascod" form with moveable gussets and detachable folding-lance-rest, its lower edge carrying a fauld of one lame and pendant tassets each of four lames, one-piece backplate with outward-flanged lower edge, large pauldrons each of seven lames (the lowest three of the right and the lowest four of the left associated, the rear ends of the first and second of the right internally patched), vambraces (not a pair) each formed of a turner of three lames, tubular upper and lower cannons and a winged bracelet couter of three lames, German mitten gauntlets each with a long, acutely pointed cuff with fixed inner plate, five metacarpal-plates, a knuckle-plate decorated with a roped transverse rib, and two finger-plates, one-piece cuisses (the right with a brazed repair at its inner border) each fitted at its lower end with a small-winged poleyn of five lames (the lowest four associated), greaves open at their inside rears and pierced at their lower edges with stitch-holes, and mail sabatons (cut from of old mail), the main edges of the armour formed with inward turns decorated in most cases with file-roping and accompanied by recessed borders, its subsidiary edges decorated with double or single incised lines: on an articulated stand on a plinth (expertly releathered throughout)


25000 - 35000

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